Cowie, H. & Jennifer, D. (Co-ordinating team, UK), Chankova, D. & Poshtova, T. (Bulgaria), Deklerck, J. & Deboutte, G. (Belgium), Ertesvåg, S. K. & Samuelsen, A. S. (Norway), O'Moore, M. & Minton, S. J. (Ireland) and Ortega, R. & Sanchez, V. (Spain) © (2006)

School Bullying and Violence: Taking Action

Module A

Unit A1 - Definition, Context and Knowledge of School Violence

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PDF PDF Unit A1 - Definition, Context and Knowledge of School Violence


  • To be aware of a range of interpretations of school violence

  • To be able to consider the key factors involved in a definition of school violence from a variety of perspectives

  • To understand the social and cultural contexts where school violence takes place

  • To interpret violent behaviour within a complex social system

  • To evaluate and integrate different theoretical perspectives of school violence

Facilitation skills to be developed through this unit:

Knowledge and understanding of:

  • current thinking about definitions of school violence

  • the relationships between social context and school violence

  • the links between school climate and school violence

  • the importance of creating a supportive and caring school community

Personal qualities and attributes include:

  • being able to adopt a critical and reflective stance in the analysis of complex social phenomena

  • being able to reflect on others' ideas through open debate

  • being able to integrate different theoretical perspectives on school violence

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