Cowie, H. & Jennifer, D. (Co-ordinating team, UK), Chankova, D. & Poshtova, T. (Bulgaria), Deklerck, J. & Deboutte, G. (Belgium), Ertesvåg, S. K. & Samuelsen, A. S. (Norway), O'Moore, M. & Minton, S. J. (Ireland) and Ortega, R. & Sanchez, V. (Spain) © (2006)

School Bullying and Violence: Taking Action

Module B

Unit B4 - Working with Parents

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PDF PDF Unit B4 - Working with Parents


  • To understand and appreciate the key role that parents have in the application of the 'whole school approach' in addressing school violence

  • To be familiar with the skills involved in planning and conducting work with parents in school communities

  • To consider strategies for engaging parents in activities that will support them in taking their part in the promotion of non-violence and the reduction of violence

  • To be able to motivate and support parents in developing an understanding of the central role that parents themselves and young people play in countering and preventing violent and bullying behaviour in schools

  • To enable parents themselves to work productively at home with their children/teenagers in promoting anti-violence/pro-social attitudes

  • To consider, and to facilitate, parental and school collaboration against violent and bullying behaviour amongst young people in school communities

Facilitation skills to be developed through this unit:

Knowledge and understanding of:

  • the VISTA whole school approach

  • the range of underlying causes of challenging, aggressive and anti-social behaviour

  • the importance of creating a supportive and caring school community

  • how to include parents/carers in decisions about their child

  • up-to-date knowledge of current thinking in the area of the promotion of non-violence

  • effective promotion of non-violence interventions, systems and management approaches

Personal qualities and attributes include:

  • being an effective communicator

  • being an effective trainer of and adviser to staff, governors, parents, carers and pupils

  • being a strategic thinker

  • having empathy for and providing specialist support to parents and carers

  • managing time effectively and being well organised

  • being an effective communicator

  • being able to facilitate and value parents' opinions about their children's/teenager's education

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